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This document pertains to PDF OCR X version 1.9.36 and earlier. For help with the current version of PDF OCR X, please visit the users guide.


PDF OCR X is a very simple application. There is only one dialog box that allows you to choose your input and output settings. This dialog appears after you drag a PDF on the PDF OCR X icon to be converted:

About these options:

  • Output Format: Text will result in plain text output. Selecting "Searchable PDF" will embed the text in the PDF so that it is searchable.
  • Language: The language that the source document is in. Some languages include special characters and it helps PDF OCR X to know what the language of your source document is for maximum accuracy. Download additional language packs for PDF OCR X here.
  • Layout: If your document is formatted in a single column with flowing text, then you should select the "Single Column" layout option as it is faster than the multi-column option. If, however, your document is formatted in multiple columns or sections, you should select the "Multi-Column" option, as this will instruct PDF OCR X to try to guess the structure of the document and detect where columns begin and end.
  • Text Wrap:
    • Soft wrap: Assume that the text is meant to flow from one line to the next in most cases.
    • Hard wrap: Forcefully add line breaks at the end of each line, even if it may occur mid-sentence.


Disabling Interactive Mode

As of version 1.9.7, PDF OCR X allows you to disable interactive mode. This means that you are able to skip all of the settings dialogs that pop up during conversion. The settings from your last conversion are automatically used for conversion when interactive mode is disabled.

Steps to disable Interactive Mode

On Mac, you can select "Preferences" from the "Apple" menu. Then uncheck the "Use Interactive Mode" checkbox.

After this box is unchecked, you will no longer be shown the settings dialog when you select a file for conversion. You can always reactivate interactive mode by returning to this same dialog and re-checking the box.