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PDF to Spreadsheet Lite

Easily convert your PDFs into editable Excel spreadsheets on Mac OS X

Download PDF to Spreadsheet Lite v1.4.0
Mac OS 10.7 and higher.
Includes Support for Mojave


Automatic Column/Row Detection

It figures out where the column and row guides belong

From PDF

Reads PDFs that contain tabular contents

To Excel

Save to CSV format, or copy and paste results to Excel, Open Office, or Google Spreadsheets

Need OCR?

If you need to convert scanned PDFs into editable spreadsheets, you will need to use OCR (optical character recognition) to convert the scanned images into editable text.

Check out the Pro Edition which includes OCR support.


Step by step, converting your PDF into a spreadsheet:

Open PDF Dialog

1. Open your PDF in PDF to Spreadsheet

Detect spreadsheet column and row guides

2. Detect Columns and Rows

The app will automatically detect the row and column guides, but you can add or remove guides manually if you want finer control.

PDF to Spreadsheet conversion dialog

3. Convert to Spreadsheet

Click "Convert to Spreadsheet", and select the page range that you wish to convert.

View the result of the conversion

4. Review the Result

Conversion is complete. You can review it and make changes.

Save the result as a CSV file

5. Save the Result

Save the converted spreadsheet to an Excel or Open Office compatible file, or simply copy and paste into Excel.


Video Tutorial

Watch a brief video tutorial demonstrating how to convert both regular and scanned PDF files into editable Excel Spreadsheets.

How to improve detection of Columns and Rows using the new Select Region Feature

Upgrade to Pro

PDF to Spreadsheet Pro Logo

The Pro edition of PDF to Spreadsheet includes all of features of the Lite edition, but adds OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support so that you can convert scanned PDFs into editable spreadsheets.

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