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PDF to Spreadsheet Pro

Activating your Copy of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro

The free trial version of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro is limited by the fact that it doesn't allow you to save or export your converted spreadsheets so that they can be accessed in an external program (like Excel). In order to gain this functionality, you need to first activate your copy.

How to activate your copy

  1. If you don't already have the trial version installed, please download it and install it first.
  2. Purchase your license key
  3. After the purchase has been completed, you will receive an email with your new license key. You will use this key in a moment to unlock your trial version of the software.
  4. Open your copy of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro (the trial copy). In the "File" menu you should see an option called "Register". Select this option.
  5. In the text field provided, copy and paste the license key that you received in your email and click "Register"
  6. If you don't receive an error message, your copy of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro is now unlocked and you can proceed to convert your PDF files.

Help and Questions

For troubleshooting steps or questions about license keys and activations, please see the activation help page.