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PDF to Spreadsheet Pro

Activation Help

This page contains troubleshooting tips and frequently asked questions about PDF to Spreadsheet Pro's license keys and the registration process.

For instructions on upgrading your version of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro to the full version see the upgrade page.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I purchase a license, do I get free upgrades when new versions come out?
Yes. You are entitled to free upgrades for one year from your purchase date.
How do I get updates?
Just download the latest version, and replace your old copy with it.
Do I need to re-enter my license key each time I update to a new version?
No. Your license key only needs to be entered once, when you first purchase it. All updates will automatically recognize your license key and be unlocked automatically.
When I copied my unlocked copy of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro to a different computer, it turned back into the trial version. How do I reactivate it for the new computer?
When you activate your copy, it activates it only for the particular computer you have it installed on. If you copy it to a different computer, you will need to enter your license key again.
It says that my license key expires after 5 tries or 48 hours. Does this mean my software will only work for 48 hours after activation?
No. Once you activate your copy of PDF to Spreadsheet Pro it is unlocked forever. The expiry date on the license key only pertains to the length of time you have to use the key to activate your software.
What happens if I need to reactivate my copy after my license key has already expired? Can I get another license key?
Yes. If you try to activate PDF to Spreadsheet Pro with an expired license key, it will just generate a new key and email it to you. You can then enter the new key in order to activate your copy of the software.