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Send Webpage to Email Bookmarklet

The Send Webpage in Email bookmarklet is a simple link script that allows you to send the current webpage you are viewing to someone else via email.

How it works

This bookmarklet can be used in 3 ways:

  1. Add it to your bookmarks, then you'll be able to send any page that you are viewing to an email address of your choice as an email attachment by simply selecting the bookmark.
  2. Add it to your links bar, then you'll be able to send any page that you are viewing to an email address of your choice as an attachment by simply clicking on the link in your links bar.
  3. Add it to your webpage to allow users to send your webpage to a friend by simply clicking the link.


The Send Webpage to Email bookmarklet is compatible with most modern web browsers including Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox 2 or higher, Safari 2 or higher, and Opera.

It should also be compatible with any modern operating system including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Installation in your Web Browser

Add the following link to your bookmarks or links bar. (i.e. right click the link and select "Add to Favorites" or the equivalent in your browser).:

Send Page as Email

Installation in your Web Page

Copy and paste the following snippet into your web page:

Configuration Parameters

When embedding this widget in your web page, you may want to customize some parameters such as the email subject and from address. This can be configured by defining the prescribed Javascript variables somewhere in your web page.

Variable Name Description Default Value
WEBLITE_MAILER_SUBJECT The subject of the email messages that will be sent using this widget. The page title
WEBLITE_MAILER_FROM_ADDRESS The email address that the email will be marked as from (the email address portion of the Reply-To or From headers). no-reply@weblite.ca
WEBLITE_MAILER_FROM_LABEL The name of the sender of this email. It is the name (not email address) that will be shown in the From and Reply-to headers of the email. Web Lite Translation Corp.
Example Configuration
WEBLITE_MAILER_SUBJECT='Real Estate News Letter';

Excluding Certain Sections from the Email

If you only want portions of the page to be included in the email and not others, you simply need to add the weblite-mailer-hidden CSS class to any element that you want to be excluded.

For example:

<div class="weblite-mailer-hidden">This section will not be included in the email</div>